Sales teams know that in order to hit their quarterly targets, having insights at their fingertips is critical. 

But what will ultimately help teams succeed over the long-term? The answer is empowering each individual with the knowledge of what will happen next and what they should do about it. 

Sales executives are always under a ton of pressure to meet their monthly, quarterly, and yearly sales quotas. With the right information and insight into their data, they will be able to answer questions to help them sell better and faster.

Now you may be thinking: how? By utilizing your data and through AI. 

Everyone on your sales team should be able to interact with their data, get answers, and turn insight into performance. Sales analytics can unlock answers to key sales questions, including what’s going on and why, what will happen, and what your next steps should be.

AI can be used to empower the whole sales team. Sales execs will get a single view of the data, so they can quickly pivot their strategy to grow sales. Sales managers can get visibility into performance and pipeline to accelerate deals and coach reps. Sales reps can track their performance and identify new opportunities and whitespace. Sales ops can spot trends, analyze historical performance, and evaluate opportunities by region, product, and team.

Think about these questions:

  1. How fast is your pipeline moving? 
  2. What percentage of your deals are lost or won?
  3. How long does it take for deals to convert?
  4. And how profitable are those deals?

What we’re offering at Chameleon is a chance to see the big picture, all at once. By utilizing your CRM, we can create sales reports that give you a complete view of your sales and service operations in a single place. You would be able to look at business across geographies, products, customer types, and time periods. You can monitor top-level KPIs such as pipeline performance, booked business, and case duration, and drill down into detailed data for further analysis into trends.

Imagine, how much you could know if you had access and insight into all your data? The benefits are endless as you would see how close you are to beating quota and where you need to allocate and reallocate resources. You would be able to identify your best lead sources so you can double down on marketing efforts as well as get a clear picture of why sales performance is down from the last quarter.

What else can AI do for you?

  1. Allow you to view historical trends and better predict which current deals will convert to sales 
  2. Identify whitespace opportunity to grow the value of existing accounts while improving customer profitability 
  3. Uncover the best way to target the most profitable opportunities 
  4. Monitor pipe activity as a benchmark (open vs. won deals) for determining best practices for enhancing deals
  5. See if you’re retaining enough customers to grow sustainably
  6. Identify the reason behind longer case durations so you can optimize your service operations 
  7. View satisfaction trends that drive business and improve customer service 
  8. Gain insight into customer retention practices and help prevent churn
  9. Identify and optimize lead distribution across sales teams and reps
  10. See which lead sources bring the most profitable business
  11. View your top-performing industries
  12. Find out which leads or accounts have the highest probability to convert

Essentially, you will be empowering everyone on your sales team by knowing the state of your overall business and understanding the reasons behind your data. You and your team will perform better and it all starts with understanding your data. 

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