Post-project requirements are necessary for the client to meet so that we can ensure that your data reports are working, staying updated, and providing you with the information you need. This document is essentially the “need-to-know’s” for all our clients.

Please read the following points to ensure a full-working report post-project.

  • Change in credentials: If you happen to change your ATS/CRM/Power BI/data source’s credentials, please let us know immediately. We are only able to host and keep your data updated if we have a connection to it. You can update this information on your Chameleon BI portal ( page or you can send us an email at
  • Reports are no longer updating: This could only happen for two reasons. A) You changed your credentials and aren’t able to access the report, for which you would just have to let us know the new username and password and we’ll set you right back up. B) We were not hosting you so you didn’t store/back up your data so that it can could be updated, for which you could purchase our hosting services (dependent on the package you bought or if it was a custom-project). Contact us at 425 827 1173 or email us at if you have issues with updating your data.

Per your SLA, your current Subscription will auto renew at the end of your agreed-upon term end date for an additional one-year (12 month) time period, unless other terms have been agreed upon in writing.

The Customer may terminate this subscription auto renewal process for any reason by providing notice within 30 days to the Company in writing to our account department and within your specific portal environment via our support alias. The Company may terminate this Agreement for any reason by providing Customer at least 30 days’ advance notice.

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